Zum Steel Pedal Steel Guitar D-10 8 Pedal X 7 Knee Lever W/ Extra’s

 105672006961896030 Zum Steel Pedal Steel Guitar  D 10  8 Pedal X 7 Knee Lever W/ Extras

For Sale is this great Pro model fully loaded ZUMSTEEL.   D-10  8 pedal x 7 knee lever.  It is now the "Day" set up.  But I can change over to the Emmons set up for an additional $100.00 that can be paid for by me adjusting the invoice after the auction ends.  Just let me know. What can I say, it's a ZUM.  They are the most sought after pedal steel today and have been for a few years.  And they are very hard to find because once one goes up for sale it is sold almost immediately because of their demand.  Too much demand and not enough Zum's.  Serial Number is D108555.   It has tone to the bone and plays so nice and smooth and sounds amazing.  One of the best pedal steels I have had the pleasure of playing.  And you can take that to the bank.  Guitar has a triple raise/double lower all-pull changer system with 6 hole bell cranks and hex cross shafts.  Sperzel tuners at the keyhead.  Really not much has to be said about ZUM pedal steels.  As I stated they are the most sought after pedal steel on the market. Actually more sought after than Emmons, which are top notch in my book and what I own.  Guitar is in great shape for it's age.  Very well maintained.   Comes with the original case and leg bag.  Case in still in great shape also.  Right outer knee lever has a wide flag mounted on it, which is actually just a wide extension screwed on for ease of playing.      
This guitar is loaded under the hood with 8 pedals and 7 knee levers.  As I stated the set up is the "Day" set up.  The differencebetween the Emmons set up and the Day set up is that on the E9 neck, the first 3 pedals are for that neck and pedals A & C are reversed.  Pedals 4-8 are for the C6 neck and have nothing to do with the set up.  So with the Emmons set up Pedal A raises strings5 & 10 and on the Day set up they raise them on the C pedal.  And the same goes with the C pedal.  On the Emmons set up the C pedal raises strings 4 & 5 and on the Day set up strings 4 & 5 are raised on the A pedal.  And then the only other difference isthat the knee levers that raise and lower the E's are also reversed to coordinate with the A & C pedals.  That may sound confusing, but it really isn't.  If you are new to pedal steel and are just going to learn I would suggest the Emmons set up as most of your courses which are taught on E9 tuning neck are taught by players that utilize the E9 tuning.  So to watch and learn with them, it would be a lot easier to play the Emmons set up.   Hopefully I didn't just confuse the heck out of new players.  
NOTE:  As of now if you purchase a ZUM you are purchasing a guitar that will do nothing but go up in value.  They have continually risen in price and demand in the last few years.  So buying a ZUMSTEEL is like investing in  gold.  It will go up in value. 
Also included will be around 12-15 hours of DVD instructional pedal steel learning material and a couple of rhythm track CD's for practice.  I will also inlcude a new set of Dunlop finger picks and a thumb pick.  
I have been playing pedal steel for over 38 years now and when you purchase a steel from me you can restassured that it is in A-1 shape and will be ready to play when you open the case.  You can trust that it will
be very reliable.  I stand behind my product.  Any questions I will be just a phone call away.  Also if a new
player, I will do everything I can to help you get started.  You will have access to my email and phone numbers.
There is nothing more I like better about these instruments, is seeing new players come onto the scene.  
If you are a new player, I will do everything to help you get started.  You can rely on that.  

I have sold many many pedal steels on Ebay and have never had a dissatisfied customer, as you can see from my 
feedback score, which is 278, ALL POSITIVE, with zero negative comments or marks.   Anyone who ever purchased a pedal  steel from me has had nothing but good things to say about me.  When you purchase a high dollar amount item like this
I will accept paypal, certified bank drafts, & personal checks (but shipping will be after payment clears bank).  When youpurchase a pedal steel you want to make sure that are buying from someone who knows what they are selling.   Like I said, I've been
playing for almost 40 years now and working on them for many years also.  So buy from the expert, not the amateur !!  Freight quoted is for lower 48.  I will ship almost anywhere worldwide, but I will have to give you a rate quote.  Just give me
your country and/or zip code.  

Any questions please contact me.  I'd be happy to answer them for you.
Zum's of this caliber usually sell for between 3.5-4k.   So this is a great buy.  PLUS ALL THE EXTRA GOODIES.

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