Vintage Sho-bud Pedal Steel Guitar- Baldwin Crossover

 46771206152259600 Vintage Sho bud Pedal Steel Guitar  Baldwin Crossover

Hello Everyone! 

I am selling my beloved, vintage Sho-Bud Baldwin Crossover Pedal Steel guitar.  My parents purchased this used for me over 30 year ago, however, I haven't played it in years due to other interests.  Here is the information (to the best of my knowledge) about this Sho-Bud pedal steel guitar:

Sho-Bud Baldwin Crossover Pedal Steel Guitar (Regular, not the Custom model)

Model #6141 (I believe this to be the correct model # based on the information in the Sho-Bud website below)

Birdseye Maple Body

Dual deck

10 strings

6 pedals

1 knee lever- This is the "Crossover" part: Engage the knee lever to play from the top or the bottom deck)

Electric- 3 position tone switch

Carrying case INCLUDED!

As you can see from the pictures, this Sho-Bud is in used/played condition and would make a great restoration project for someone!  The coatings on the maple decks are cracking (see pictures), which is consistent with the age of this guitar.  The bottom deck is missing 3 strings and the top deck is missing 1 string.  Again, this pedal steel guitar is a project!  Please email with any questions, thanks for looking!

"Sho-Bud became involved with the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company because of its large distribution potential. Baldwin wanted Sho-Bud to produce a pedal steel with their name on it to promote sales, and in 1967 the Baldwin Crossover was introduced. This model of pedal steel like the Fingertip had a wonderful rich tone. The guitar was standard with 6 pedals and one knee lever (generally placed on the right knee), although at this time, players were adding knee levers on a regular basis, and it was not uncommon to see two or even three knee levers. The Baldwin Crossover was a double neck with a shift type lever or gear that the player could move. In one position all the pedals would operate the top neck. Moving the shift lever would disengage the pedals from the top neck to the bottom neck(by moving the shift lever, the pedals "crossed over" to the other neck, thus the term "crossover"). In this way, all the pedals could actually be used on both necks just by the flick of the shift lever. This shift lever was positioned on the back side of the pedal steel facing the player. The undercarriage of the Baldwin Crossover was unique in the fact that the pull rods were attached to small metal "baskets". These baskets were connected to the pedal crossrods and bell crank. The guitar had a metal frame that wrapped all the way around the body of the steel. On the front, the frame was on the inside of the body and the actual front was covered with maple. This wrap around metal frame supported the undercarriage. There were two models of Baldwin Crossover available. One was the Regular Baldwin Crossover in which the metal frame was an unpolished black textured-ruff finish. The other model, called the Custom Baldwin Crossover had a smooth polished metal frame. These Baldwins like the Fingertip was sensitive and temperamental in the fact that the tuning and pedal setup up had to be adjusted perfectly in order for it to play right and in tune. When this was done and the guitars were adjusted, both the Fingertip and the Baldwin Crossover played great. The generally excepted Crossover production years were from 1967 to 1970. Suggested retail price of a double neck 10 string, six pedals and one knee lever was $1295 for the maple body in 1970."- Borrowed from

 46771206152259601 Vintage Sho bud Pedal Steel Guitar  Baldwin Crossover

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