Sho-bud Super Pro Pedal Steel Guitar (black W/ Extras)

 59541206302788660 Sho bud Super Pro Pedal Steel Guitar (black W/ Extras)

Hey Folks,

You're looking at a vintage Sho-Bud Super Pro pedal steel guitar. Black in color with a wood neck. I haven't been able to determine the year but the serial # is 18621 (stamped on neck and metal frame.) I bought it about twelve years ago for my home studio and it has stayed there ever since. It's basically been a cool piece of furniture - I'm not a pedal steel player and I don't know anyone who can make it sing. I've tried to take plenty of good pics for you so the overall condition would be clearly visible. I believe it's in full working condition, but since I'm not a player and I don't know what all to look for, I can't be certain. It sounds fantastic and I've never had any problems with the pedals or levers so my guess is any adjustments would be minor. It hasn't been polished or "deep cleaned" since I got it. I'm sure with a healthy dose of elbow grease, the metal parts would shine again. The wood neck has a few nicks but what I consider normal considering its age. It has George L's E-66 replacement pickups and I believe the rubber "fretboards" are replacements as well - both happened before my time. I found a bit of history on the Net :

In 1977, the Super Pro was introduced. It was standard as a double wood or metal neck, with 8 pedals and 6 knee levers. This model and the Fender/ShoBud was very similar in design except for the body and the key head. The Super Pro had a streamlined-smaller and thinner body design then the Sho-Bud models of the past. Also, the undercarriage pretty much the same as the Fender/Sho-Bud model, was very different then the past Sho-Bud models. The cross rods on the past models were round. On the Super Pro they were hex shaped. The bell cranks and pedal rods were also of a new design. Small metal tuning rod clips were used to hold the tuning rods onto the bell crank. The floor pedals on the Super Pro were small narrow pedals that had a very different look then the past wide pedal design. The knee lever design changed as well, to a straight narrow lever. The tuning key head was square and blunt on the end instead of the old standard tear drop key head of the past. Clearly, Sho-Bud had a new pedal steel. This new undercarriage design was very popular. After the introduction of the Super Pro, the undercarriage designs of the Pro-Series and the LDG pedal steels changed to the Super Pro style. When the Super Pro was first introduced in 1977, the retail price was $2175. Gretsch in 1981 listed the Super Pro at $2850.

EXTRAS : Along with the Super Pro, I have the vintage Sho-Bud volume pedal and bench - along with an Emmons steel and George L "tuning key." The volume pedal works great (missing one rubber foot on bottom.) The bench is just cool … need I say more? Also have a couple of broken sets of strings (nine in each) for down the road when you need a replacement string.

CASE : It looks like it's been to hell and back, but it still does the job (Unless your a touring musician - I wouldn't trust it to be thrown around night after night.) I'm actually fond of it's condition - reeks of history and full of character.

SHIPPING: I know $150 for shipping is a lot of money, but I shipped a guitar (w/ case) the other day and it cost me $70. I'm gonna have to ship this in two packages. The git/case in one and the bench in another (I'll pack the pedal and extras in the bench.) By the time I insure for full value and pay UPS to pack everything properly, It will be well over $100. However, if it is less than $150, I will refund the difference as soon as I get back from the UPS store. 

The Super Pro is a highly sought after model and when you combine it with the volume pedal (highly prized as well) and bench, you officially have a rare Ebay listing. In the right hands, this guitar is angelic. Sho-Bud is no more … now's your chance to catch an extremely rare bird. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask. (I have more pics if you need 'em)


 59541206302788661 Sho bud Super Pro Pedal Steel Guitar (black W/ Extras)

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