Franklin Pedal Steel Guitar Double Neck D-10 8 And 8

 10792304855059510 Franklin Pedal Steel Guitar Double Neck D 10 8 And 8

             You are bidding on a Custom Built Franklin Double Neck 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar. I am the Original Owner; I ordered it in 1985 from the builder, Paul Franklin Sr.  It comes with the original case and volume pedal.

I have the guitar listed for sale locally.  I reserve the right to end the auction early.

  • Some specifics:
  •  Rosewood Formica, Aluminum Necks, Sperzel Tuning Keys, All Pull Changer System
  • Emmons E9th Setup.
  • A pedal 5 and 10
  • B pedal 3 and 6
  • C pedal 4 and 5
  • LKL 4 and 8 Raise
  • LK Up 1 and 7 Raise
  •  LKR 4 and 8 Drop
  • RKR 2 Whole Tone Drop With ½ Tone Detent
  • RKL 6 Drop with ½ tone split when B pedal is down
  • C6 Setup: Standard with D as the first string.
  • Eight Floor Pedals.
  • Six Vertical and two Horizontal (Up) Knee Levers.
  • Bill Lawrence Dual Coil Pickups with Out of Phase Switch for Each Neck
  • Original Case. The case shows some wear and has one broken latch that should be easily replaced.
  • Pedal Board Mount Volume Pedal, (Mono)

I originally had ordered this guitar with 9 Knee Levers but later removed the 9th one because it was not very comfortable to use. I have included a photo of the underside showing only three small holes where it was mounted. I am not sure if I can find it but I will include it and the rod if I can find them now, 25 years later.

  • I used this guitar for 10 years in one smoke free location. It has not been carried around a lot or abused in any way. I have another one that I carry when I travel and have mostly used this one for practice at home for the last 10 years.

The guitar stays in tune very well and is not bad to break strings. The changers are on a 5/8 inch axle which reduces detuning when the pedals are depressed.

  • The underside is clean and tight and in good working condition with no smoke film on any of the parts. The aluminum parts and the Formica body look good; very few blemishes; only showing minor wear as expected. There are a few scratches where the string ends have touched the finish inside the key head area, mostly on the E9th (See Close Up Photo). The formica and polished aluminum is very reflective so the photos show reflected images; these are not defects.

The Franklin Guitar is custom built and in not available new in any music store and there is a long waiting period to get one.  When was the last time you saw one of these on eBay?

  • I prefer Local Pickup because I would like to be able to help anyone with any setup issues and I do not feel comfortable putting this guitar in the hands of a shipper that has no idea what is inside the box. I am located in the Asheville NC area.

Payment: $100 deposit required through Paypal within 3 days of close of auction. Balance to be paid when guitar is picked up.

 10792304855059511 Franklin Pedal Steel Guitar Double Neck D 10 8 And 8

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