Emmons 1966 D10 Pedal Steel Guitar “bolt-on” Push-pull

 19741805260863820 Emmons 1966 D10 Pedal Steel Guitar bolt on Push pull

1966 Emmons D10, 8x4 standard Emmons set-up, black mica, metal necks, "bolt-on" changers, invoice number 2736 stamped on the end plate. This guitar sounds and plays great. It was set-up by a pro steel / push-pull tech a few years ago and it has had mild-moderate use since then. I believe that this is a '66 guitar due to it having bolt-on changers, solid black top pickups, and an invoice number instead of a serial number. It is my understanding that Emmons changed the numbering system in late '66 from the numbers from invoices to a serial number system, and they also changed from the solid black top pickups to the tree-ply tops. The guitar has the early solid black top pickups, it sounds sweet and bright, it has a smoother tone and high end than my '72 Emmons. From what I know and can tell the mica looks original, I am guessing the flocking is original, the pickup selector switch has been replaced, it has a wooden pedal stop bar, the cross-shaft end blocks are the early thick type except for some for the knee lever brackets which must have been added sometime after 1966, I don't know if the pedal bar decal is original or not (it is the less common off-set chevron design), there is a spacer on the pedal bar shaft between the first and second pedal, someone added metal anti-bow strips to the bottom of the front and rear aprons (like what Emmons did on the later guitars)--I don't think that these are original and I have left them on because I figure it can't hurt to have them but they can be removed, it looks like there are holes in the mica under the front apron decal, so I am assuming that at one time it had a badge instead of a decal and someone changed it back to the correct decal, the name/word "CRAFORD" is engraved on the inside of the endplate, the fretboards look like later fretboards with the dark blue atomic symbols, there are a few dings in the top of the rear neck between the fretboard and the pick up, the mica is a little loose in the middle of the top of the rear deck. The guitar is not pristine and would make a good restoration, but it plays and sounds great as is. It comes with a newer Thomas case in faux tooled leather and a non-original denim leg bag. The case is in very good condition, but there are a few worn spots in the interior material over the riser blocks. The guitar is in southern California. Local pick up is fine and encouraged but I will take the guitar to a UPS store for packing and shipping and buyer pays all shipping and insurance costs. The shipping quote on this Ebay page is an automatic estimate that Ebay generates based on the weight and dimensions of the package. If the actual cost is higher the buyer will have to cover the difference, and if the cost is lower I will refund the difference to the buyer. This is a heavy guitar, I expect domestic U.S. shipping will be over $100, but this is just a guess. This guitar is big and heavy for international shipping: I will ship overseas but the buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs, which may be expensive. Please ask any questions you may have before you bid. Thanks!

 19741805260863821 Emmons 1966 D10 Pedal Steel Guitar bolt on Push pull

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