Derby Sd-10 Pedal Steel Guitar 4 Pedals X 5 Knee Levers W/ Extras

 102312006708862090 Derby  Sd 10  Pedal  Steel  Guitar  4 Pedals X 5 Knee Levers W/ Extras

For Sale:  DERBY  Pro Model  SD-10  Pedal Steel Guitar w/ 4 Pedals x 5 knee levers.  Emmons Set up on the pedals w/ the 4th pedal raising the 1st string a full tone.   This is a D-10 conversion to a SD-10.  Professional job done on the conversion. I just put brand new vinyl on the arm pad.  The black mica is in great shape.  All in all the guitar is in beautiful shape.  Guitar has a triple raise/double lower all-pull changer system with hex nylon tuners.  It also has 4 hole bell cranks.  Grover tuners at the keyhead.  Single coil pickup sounds great !!  All the adjustable leg clutches are working fine.  You won't find a nicer guitar for the money.   Also comes with the guitar case which is still in real good shape.  Also includes is a leg and rod bag.  So to sum up with guitar is in great shape both mechanically and cosmetically.  Take a look at it-it's a eye catcher !!  
**I'm also including approximately 15 hours of DVD pedal steel instructional material & a few of rhythm track CD's worth around $350.00 if purchased new.  Great for  learning & practicing.   One of the DVD's has 4 dvd's in 1.  Also included are 2  metal finger picks& a plastic thumb pick.  I will also  email the buyer  an E9 Chord Chart"  when purchased.   If you want you can have it printed out on an 8-1/2 x 10 on your printer, but it's real small to read.  It actually is set up for an 11" x 17".  I suggest to bring it to Kinko's or any print shop & have it printed & then laminated.  It's well worth it.  It shows you how to obtain a chord in so many different ways, like using pedal & knee levers together, or with open strings & no pedal & knee levers, different combination of knee levers & foot pedals & the same on different frets. Truly an invaluable chart.   I use it all the time**
Copedent or set up is as follows:
Pedal  A raises strings 5 & 10 from B to C#Pedal  B raises strings 3 & 6 from G# to APedal C raises the 4th string from E to F# and raises the 5th string from B to C#Pedal D raises string 1 from F# to G#Left Outer Knee Lever raises strings 4 & 8 (the E's) from E to FLeft Inner Knee Lever is the "FRANKLIN PULL" - which lowers strings 5 from B to A, string 6 from G# to F# & string 10 from B to ALeft Vertical Knee Lever raises the 1st string from F# to GRight Inner Knee Lever lowrs string 4 & 8 (the E's) from E to D#Right Outer Knee Lever lowers string 2 a 1/2 tone from D# to D 
I have been playing pedal steel for over 39 years now.  When you purchase a steel from me you can restassured that it is in A-1 shape and will be ready to play when you open the case.  You can trust that it will
be very reliable.  I stand behind my product.  Any questions I will be just a phone call away.  Also if a new
player, I will do everything I can to help you get started.  You will have access to my email and phone numbers.
There is nothing more I like better about these instruments, is seeing new players come onto the scene.  
If you are a new player, I will do everything to help you get started.  You can rely on that.  

I have sold many pedal steels on Ebay and I have NEVER had a dissatisfied customer, as you can see from my feedback score, which is 270, all positive,with zero negative marks.  Anyone who ever purchased a pedal steel fromme has been very very satisfied.  Please read my feedback reviews from thebuyers of my guitars that I've sold.  I sell nothing but PRO model guitarsand of great quality.
I will accept paypal, certified bank drafts, & personal checks (but shipping will be after payment clears bank).

Freight price quoted is for lower 48.  I will ship almost anywhere worldwide, but a special  quote will be requiredto give you a freight rate.  

 102312006708862091 Derby  Sd 10  Pedal  Steel  Guitar  4 Pedals X 5 Knee Levers W/ Extras

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