Cougar Six String Pedal Steel Guitar

 38481705255932840 Cougar Six String Pedal Steel Guitar

 Cougar Six String Pedal Steel Guitar

  Unique version of a pedal steel. Comes with
3 pedals and 4 knee levers.

Built by Freeman Cowgar as a light weight pro model instrument.

Guitar is modern technology and is easy to change around for
various tunings and setups. Recently upgraded
all the bellcrank clips with Mullen clips. And new
adjusters for tuning.

Pickup is a Wilkerson Tele Single-coil bridge AlNiCo model for a bright
tone with some bite.

Comes with a nice case. Both guitar and case show little or
no signs of wear.

Can be tuned to any version of E9, E13, C6, standard guitar, or personal
preference. With three pedals and four knee levers to work with
there's a vast range of chords available.

If buyer wants a particular tuning can change the setup before shipping. The design
of the undercarriage makes changes easy and quick.

With this guitar the seriously dedicated six-string psg player could add a second pickup and a
control panel and have a custom guitar that would be hard to beat at any price.

Insured shipping will be by Fedex.  US only.

 38481705255932841 Cougar Six String Pedal Steel Guitar

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